ORGANJA Cannabis Society (OCS) is a fast growing network of individual and organizational members, grassroots and institutional partners.

We advocate for indigenous-informed relationships with the cannabis plant, in harmony with the spiritual, physical, environmental, cultural and communal economic well being and development of indigenous peoples at home and in diaspora.

ORGANJA offers multiple points of entry to membership, with a priority on maximizing access for indigenous people of color across all levels of interest and incomes.

Membership packages are currently in development in consultation with our founding partners, and will roll out starting November 2018.

Our resources, services and products include:

·         education through Cannabis Conversations

·         online discussion forums (global scope)

·         speaker events and dialogues (local scope - globally announced)

·         streamlined / preferential access to resources

·         expertise related to indigenous rights, intellectual property rights, science

·         medical sector, resource development

·         resource & community development

·         human resource agency

·         seed banking

ORGANJA collects membership dues toward fully supporting, connecting, servicing and advocating for its members.